10-3A 2024 Standings

District Overall
Valley View Eagles 0 0 1 3 0
Pilot Point Bearcats 0 0 1 5 0
Whitesboro Bearcats 0 0 2 3 0
S & S Consolidated Rams 0 0 2 1 0
Callisburg Wildcats 0 0 3 2 0
Ponder Lions 0 0 0 5 0
Paradise Panthers 0 0 3 2 0
Boyd Yellow Jackets 0 0 5 0 0

Valley View Eagles

Coach: Cameron Mavroulis ( Years As Head Coach, Career Wins)

2023 Record:13-13/4-9

Returning Starters

Previous Games

Date Game Opponent Score Record
02/22/2024 Tournament Venus Bulldogs 6-4(W) 1-0-0
02/22/2024 Tournament Mansfield Timberview Wolves 13-0(L) 1-1-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Arlington Bowie Volunteers 14-0(L) 1-2-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Everman Bulldogs 0-5(L) 1-3-0

Pilot Point Bearcats

Coach: Farley Styles (3 Years As Head Coach, 14 Career Wins)

Assistant Coaches: Tyler Vernon; Brandon Middleton

2023 Record:14-16/8-6; Bi-District Finalist

Returning Starters

Dawson David, Jr, OF Garret Evans, So, C

Previous Games

Date Game Opponent Score Record
02/19/2024 Regular Frisco Panther Creek Panthers 4-14(L) 0-1-0
02/22/2024 Tournament Gainesville Leopards 7-17(L) 0-2-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Whitewright Tigers 4-16(L) 0-3-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Wolfe City Wolves 9-7(W) 1-3-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Collinsville Pirates 5-17(L) 1-4-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Trenton Tigers 8-1(L) 1-5-0

Whitesboro Bearcats

Coach: Curt Cole (20 Years As Head Coach, 283 Career Wins)

Assistant Coaches: Micah Ledbetter; Case Rolen

2023 Record:15-11/7-7

Returning Starters

Maxx Parker, Sr, OF Bryce Johnson, Sr, 1B Brayden Crockett, Sr, 3B/P Jacob Knight, Jr, 2B Troy Randall, Jr, OF Dax Martin, Jr, 3B/P

Previous Games

Date Game Opponent Score Record
02/23/2024 Tournament Bells Panthers 4-15(L) 0-1-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Frisco Panther Creek Panthers 3-2(W) 1-1-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Dallas Kimball Knights 8-4(W) 2-1-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Gunter Tigers 10-0(L) 2-2-0
02/26/2024 Regular Howe Bulldogs 6-5(L) 2-3-0

S & S Consolidated Rams

Coach: Derek Mueller ( Years As Head Coach, Career Wins)

2023 Record:0-19/0-14

Returning Starters

Previous Games

Date Game Opponent Score Record
02/19/2024 Regular Commerce Tigers 10-12(W) 1-0-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Wichita Falls Hirschi Huskies 10-7(W) 2-0-0
02/26/2024 Regular Trenton Tigers 8-3(L) 2-1-0

Callisburg Wildcats

Coach: Bryan Pauler (19 Years As Head Coach, 220 Career Wins)

Assistant Coaches: Bryce Pauler; Gerrod Heath

2023 Record:10-15/4-9

Returning Starters

AJ Conger, Sr, OF Kaden Insall, Sr, OF/DH Hayden McMains, Sr, OF Tripp Hazel, Jr, INF (2nd Team AD INF) Jake Westerfield, Jr, P/INF (2nd Team AD P) Clayton Winters, Jr, INF Teagan Barnett, So, OF Braxton Reese, So, C/P (2nd Team AD C)

Previous Games

Date Game Opponent Score Record
02/23/2024 Tournament Howe Bulldogs 9-6(W) 1-0-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Leonard Tigers 0-8(W) 2-0-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Blue Ridge Tigers 9-2(L) 2-1-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Collinsville Pirates 5-3(W) 3-1-0
02/26/2024 Regular Bowie Jackrabbits 9-1(L) 3-2-0

Ponder Lions

Coach: Jake Davis (8 Years As Head Coach, 128 Career Wins)

Assistant Coaches: Brendan Woods; Michael Eddy

2023 Record:17-16/10-4; Area Finalist

Returning Starters

Kade Irons, Sr, P/INF (.0.91 ERA, District Co-P MVP) Luke Johnson, Sr, P/INF (1.5 ERA, 1st Team AD UTIL) Cooper Rodgers, Sr, P/OF (1.75 ERA, 1st Team AD P) Timber Crider, Sr, INF (1st Team AD INF) Collin Wallace, Sr, P/OF (2nd Team AD OF) Austin Erickson, So, DH/INF (1st Team AD DH)

Previous Games

Date Game Opponent Score Record
02/22/2024 Tournament Denton Broncos 11-1(L) 0-1-0
02/22/2024 Tournament Killeen Harker Heights Knights 4-0(L) 0-2-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Sanger Indians 11-4(L) 0-3-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Denton Ryan Raiders 11-1(L) 0-4-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Wichita Falls Rider Raiders 17-1(L) 0-5-0

Paradise Panthers

Coach: Mike Fehler (9 Years As Head Coach, 156 Career Wins)

Assistant Coaches: Chad Woodard

2023 Record:15-16-1/8-6; Area Finalist

Returning Starters

Hayden Crites, Sr, C (District Defensive MVP) Briar Whitaker, Sr, OF (1st Team AD) Callahan Moritz, Sr, OF (HM AD) Zech Sanders, Sr, 3B (2nd Team AD) Austin Cole, Sr, P Braden Wilson, Jr, P (1st Team AD) Andrew Valencia, Jr, SS (1st Team AD) Cash Perkins, Jr, 2B Leland Mattern, Jr, 1B

Previous Games

Date Game Opponent Score Record
02/22/2024 Tournament Wichita Falls Coyotes 5-3(W) 1-0-0
02/22/2024 Tournament Burkburnett Bulldogs 9-5(W) 2-0-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Iowa Park Hawks 5-9(L) 2-1-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Amarillo Tascosa Rebels 10-0(W) 3-1-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Abilene Wylie Bulldogs 4-1(L) 3-2-0

Boyd Yellow Jackets

Team Website: Boyd HS Baseball Twitter / Boyd Yellow Jackets Facebook

Coach: Brad Mcintire (12 Years As Head Coach, 219 Career Wins)

Assistant Coaches: TJ Culberson; AJ Culberson

2023 Record:40-5/14-0; State Champions

Returning Starters

Braden McIntire, Sr, P/SS (12-1, TSWA Co-Player of the Year) Eric Rogers, Sr, P/2B (.313, 14-2, 118 K, 1st Team All-State) Aaron McGilvery, Sr, P/C/OF (.295, 25 R, 31 BB, 1st Team AD) Jake Thomas, Sr, OF (.217, 23 R, 17 SB, 1st Team AD) Houston McIntire, Sr, P/1B/DH (.257, 26 RBI, 2nd Team AD) Morgan Cain, Sr, OF (HM AD) Jax Heid, Jr, P/2B/SS (.33, 6 2B, 32 R, TSWA 3rd Team All-State) Evan Salinas, Jr, P/IN F(4-0, 0.77 ERA, 2nd Team AD) Colton Patton, So, P/OF (.339, 41 RBI, TSWA HM All-State) Elijah Webber, So, P/3B/1B/C (.333, 1.67 ERA, 2nd Team AD)

Previous Games

Date Game Opponent Score Record
02/22/2024 Tournament Nacogdoches Dragons 12-0(W) 1-0-0
02/22/2024 Tournament Richland Royals 14-1(W) 2-0-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Burleson Elks 7-3(W) 3-0-0
02/23/2024 Tournament Trinity Valley School Trojans 6-2(W) 4-0-0
02/24/2024 Tournament Abilene Cooper Cougars 8-3(W) 5-0-0