About Us

The Texas High School Baseball website is designed to connect high school baseball people from all across the big state of Texas including coaches, players, parents and fans. We strive to be the one-stop place for each participant to get their information for high school baseball. Our aim is to enhance and heighten the high school baseball experience of every high school fan by unfolding the drama and excitement of each baseball season.

Baseball is a great game. It has brought enjoyment to a large number of both players and fans It is a contest demanding athletic ability, mental focus, hustle, patience and determination.. Those of us who played as boys carry with us great memories of this extraordinary game. Some are creating baseball memories for the first time through their sons. Others have played the game for a long time and now are sharing their passion and knowledge of the game through coaching.

The five men below have committed themselves to create something through this website that will serve to intensify and increase your enjoyment of the game of high school baseball. Join us as we follow and report the story and excitement of the 2017 Texas High School Baseball season.