Americas Varsity Baseball Tournament Saves the Day

The El Paso Americas Trailblazers baseball team was scheduled to play in the Round Rock Tournament this weekend.  When that tournament was cancelled, Americas Head Coach Jesse Munoz made some calls and in a short time had put together a 5 team tournament of teams from the West Texas Area (El Paso Americas, Lubbock Monterey, Lubbock Coronado, Amarillo High, Midland Christian)

Americas Varsity Baseball Tournament Schedule

Lubbock Coronado 17 Amarillo High 5
El Paso Americas 17 Amarillo High 7
Lubbock Monterey 7 Midland Christian 3

Amarillo High 9 Midland Christian 2
El Paso Americas 7 Lubbock Coronado 4
El Paso Americas 4 Lubbock Monterey 1
Lubbock Coronado 10 Midland Christian 4

Standings after 2 Days
Americas 3-0
Coronado 2-1
Monterey 1-1
Amarillo 1-2
Midland Christian 0-3

Lubbock Monterey 11 Amarillo High 0
Lubbock Monterey 9 Lubbock Coronado 5
El Paso Americas 5 Midland Christian 4

Final Standings
El Paso Americas 4-0
Lubbock Monterey 3-1
Lubbock Coronado 2-2
Amarillo High 1-3
Midland Christian 0-4

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