Private School Preseason Top 20

1. Bellaire Episcopal (SPC)– 7 starters return from 24-9 2nd place team. Peter Geib, SR, P/3B (University of Texas); Tanner Witt, SO, SS/P (All SPC; #1 ranked player in Texas by Prep Baseball Report; Team USA U-15; Area Code Games 2017); Jack Grams, SR, OF (All SPC); Antonio Cruz, SR, OF (Rice University)
2. Houston St. Thomas (TAPPS D1)– 4 starters return from 34-5 Division 1 State Champion. Phillip Matulia, SR, C/OF (1st Team All-State/Louisiana Tech); John Griffin, SR, OF/P (1st Team All-State/Johns Hopkins); Owen Meaney, SR, P/1B (1st Team All-State/University of Texas); Josh Wolf, JR, P (Texas A&M)
3. Concordia Lutheran (TAPPS D1)– 4 starters return from 24-8 State Semifinalist. Richard Diaz, SR, 1B/P (2nd Team All-state)
4. Fort Worth All Saints (TAPPS D1)– 8 starters return from 27-5 1st Place team in SPC. Cade Farr, SR, P (All SPC/Texas Tech)
5. Emery/Weiner (TAPPS D2)– 5 starters return from 23-12 Division 2 State Champion. Joe Sondock, SR, LHP/1B (Second Team All-State; State All-Tournament Team/UNC Ashville); Coby Lowenstein, SR, C (HM All-State); Ryan Tiras, SR, OF/3B (State All-Tournament Team)
6. Lubbock Christian (TAPPS D3)– 7 returning players from 31-5-1 Division 3 State Champion
7. Grapevine Faith (TAPPS D2)– 7 starters return from 23-11 State Semifinalist. Michael Spetter (1st Team All-State/Oklahoma City University); Tristan Williams, SR, SS/3B/Closer (2nd Team All-State/Abilene Christian University)
8. Fort Worth Christian (TAPPS D2)– 6 starters return from 39-5-1 State Finalist. Morris Austin, SR, C (Academic All-State); Jacob Hasty, JR, 1B/P (2nd Team All-District/LSU); Cade Fontenot, JR, P/1B/OF (District Newcomer of the Year, 1st Team All-District; Division 2 State All-Tournament Team); Ryan Snyder, SR, OF (1st Team All District; Division 2 State All-Tournament Team)
9. Houston Second Baptist (TAPPS D2)– 25-9-1 State Semifinalist
10. Kinkaid (SPC)– 10 starters return from 23-12 2nd Place team. Johnathon Thomas, SR, CF/P (All SPC/University of Houston); Wyatt Young, JR, UTIL/P (All SPC); Stone Simmons, JR, P/UTIL (All SPC); Wesley House, SR, 1B/P (Rhodes College)
11. Fort Worth Country Day (SPC)– 7 starters return from 21-11 2nd Place Team. Turner Symonds, SR, SS (SPC All Zone); Brayden Bescher, SR, OF/P (SPC Honorable Mention); Jackson Norman, JR, OF (SPC All Zone); Sam Elkind, JR, C (SPC All Conference); Ozzie Fleischer, SO, 3B (SPC All Zone)
12. Rosehill Christian (TAPPS D4)– 8 starters return from 21-7 Division 4 State Champion. Cliff Manning, SR, C (1st Team All-State); Caleb Cobb, SR, SS/P (1st Team All-State); Ryan McWhirter, SR, 1B/P (1st Team All-State); Cash Kelso, SR, 2B/P (2nd Team All-State); Joseph Duran, SR, P/1B/RF (Honorable Mention All-State)
13. Antonian (TAPPS D1)– 5 starters return from 30-6 Regional Finalist. Nathan Braulick, SR, OF/1B (2nd Team All-State; 1st Team All-District); Kyte McDonald, JR, 3B/SS (2nd Team All-State; 1st Team All-District)
14. Kelly Catholic (TAPPS D1)– 5 starters return from 11-18 State Finalist. Thomas Burbank, SR, P/1B (1st Team All-State/University of Texas)
15. Dallas Parish Episcopal (TAPPS D1)– 5 starters return from 18-15 State Semifinalist. Cole Tidmore, SR, P/OF (1st Team All-District; 2nd Team All-State); Tyler Hamilton, JR, P/OF (State All-Tournament Team/Texas Tech); Sam Bradford, JR, IF/P (2nd Team All-District; State All-Tournament Team)
16. Trinity Christian Addison (TAPPS D1)– 8 starters return from 25-8 Area Finalist. Josh Esclamado, SR, CF/P (District MVP; All-State); Blake Marsh, JR, 1B/P (Pitcher of the Year; All-State)
17. Hyde Park Baptist (TAPPS D2)– 4 starters return from 21-10 Bi-District Finalist. Seth DeVries, SR, P/OF (Penn); Willie Burke, SR, P (Texas A&M-Corpud Christi)
18. Cypress Christian (TAPPS D3)– 8 starters return from 22-8 Regional Finalist. Elliot Ranson, SR, SS (1st Team All-State/Western Texas College); JT Mounce, JR, OF (Honorable Mention All-State/Oklahoma State); Clayton Dean, SO, 2B (Honorable Mention All-State)
19. Argyle Liberty Christian (TAPPS D1)-5 starters return from 10-33 Regional Finalist. Kason Howell, SR, CF (1st Team All-State/Auburn); Joe Wolf, JR, LHP (2nd Team All-State); Dawson Barr, SR, P/DH (TCU)
20. Southwest Christian (TAPPS D2)– 7 starters return from 24-11-1 team. Nico Sharp, JR, P/OF/1B (1st Team All-District; Honorable Mention All-State); Branson Wilson, SR, P (Baylor)

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